Garden Structures (Pergolas, Gazebos, Tea Houses, etc.) in Pueblo, Colorado

High Quality Garden Structures (Pergolas, Gazebos, Tea Houses, etc.)

At EarthCare, our landscape architects and designers know how to wisely use structures to enhance your garden's function and beauty.

Pergolas, arbors, tea houses and trellises provide artistic and functional elements to your yard or garden. These garden structures accent entrances, become garden focal features, provide shade and improve privacy, comfort and enclosure.

They can be the best solution to add a critical vertical element to your garden. Fully covered structures that keep you and your family out of the elements such as pavilions, gazebos & covered porches can make lovely seating areas.

Whether you are looking for some shade on a portion of your patio or love the idea of being able to sit outside to enjoy the sound and smell of a summer rainstorm, EarthCare Group designs and artfully constructs just the right element, in just the right place so it looks as if it was always there.

Garden Structures (Pergolas, Gazebos, Tea Houses, etc.)